2024 Swedish Rowing Federation Coaches Conference

The 2024 Swedish Rowing Federation Coaches Conference was scheduled to take place in Jönköping from January 20th to 21st, 2024.

This conference, organized by the Swedish Rowing Federation, offered a platform for coaches to enhance their knowledge and engage with experts in the field.

For the purpose of keeping all the coaches interested, the conference model combined network panels with live presentations. There was a chance for participants to engage with speakers and ask questions.

Nearly forty coaches attended the conference, which was held at the facilities of RF/SISU Småland.
The conversations covered a wide range of coaching subjects, such as technique, training approaches, rigging, and athlete development.

Svenska Roddförbundet had the privilege of hosting World Rowing Technical Director Gianni Postiglione as a guest speaker in 2024.

During his talk, “Tips for coaches, simple tools for development,” Mr. Postiglione engaged the audience in a presentation, conversation, and introspection on what it takes for athletes to advance their skills and training effectively.

Mr Postiglione motivated all the participant to use the the SMART method in rowing:






“SMART way is to get results. The results motivate rowers to train better staying in competitive rowing longer!’’

Content of the conference:

  • Svenska Roddförbundet Strategy 2025
  • Tips for coaches, simple tools for development
  • What is important for success in rowing and other sports from a physiological perspective?
  • Effective rowing technique to successfully reach your goals.
  • What do you need to know about Anti- Doping?
  • How should we compete to attract more people?

Lecturers that presented: 

Gianni Postiglione, World Rowing

Daniele Cardinale, Swedish Sport Confederation, Bosön

Marco Galeone, Sweden Head Coach

Per Björnskiöld, Swedish Rowing Federation

Mattias Karlsson and Sven Bujalla , Coastal Rowing National Coaches

Thomas Carlsson, Antidoping Sverige