Central America and Caribbean region move forward with an Olympic Solidarity Technical Coaching Course

The first World Rowing Level 1 Classic Rowing coaching course of 2022 concluded with success in El Salvador.

Led by Ruben Scarpati and Yuri Calderon, the course aimed to sustain the development of Rowing in El Salvador and in the Central America region. It contributed to support the development of seven coaches in the region.

El Salvador was host to the course and regional championships, welcoming 28 athletes from USA, Mexico, Honduras, Colombia and El Salvador who took part in a parallel training camp preceding the competition.

The coaches were able to develop skills and competences while working with other coaches and their rowers, in a practical course setting, in preparation for the I Central America Cup, between 6 and 10 April 2022.

Lake Lopango is home to a beautiful Lake, “Lago Lopango”, home to multiple training camps in the last decade, where the El Salvador Rowing Federation keeps a well-maintained rowing boat fleet. The hard work of the Federation is strongly supported by COES, the El Salvador National Olympic Committee.

A first aid course preceded the activities. The training camp and coaching course emphasized safety as the number one priority with coaches taking back important learnings back home.

The activities allowed for positive experience and exchange between all rowers and coaches, who worked together in the delivery of many aspects of the regatta in a spirit of fair play, commitment and respect, strengthening the bonds that unite rowing in the central America region.