CRM in Gdańsk: Shaping the Future of Coastal Rowing Coaching in Poland and other European Member Federations

The Coastal Race Module (CRM) was successfully held in Gdańsk, Poland on June 18th and 19th, 2024, at the venue of the 2024 European Rowing Coastal and Beach Sprint Championships (ERCBSC), with the support of the Organising Committee.

Aim of the CRM:  To provide experienced rowing coaches with an introduction to preparing athletes for Coastal Rowing Championships.

The CRM module covered the following topics: 

  • Introduction to racing coastal
  • Safe management of on water coaching sessions – including – risk management, navigational hazards, float plans, boat and crew checks, briefing, signing out/in
  • Launching and landing on a beach and rescue drills
  • Race technique – Overview of the technical and tactical phases of beach sprint and endurance. The start, slalom rowing, working the water, race turning and beach finish.
  • Race logistics: Beach Sprint – overview of the physical demands of the race, insight into the logistics of racing (progression, time trials, last eight, pool boats, standard rigging, lane selection) and the role of boat handlers.
  • How to set up a Beach Sprint training course and run selection races.

Led by World Rowing Coach Educator, Lead for Classic Rowing Coach Educator and World Rowing Executive Committee Member and World Rowing Coach Educator – Rosie Mayglothing.

Led by World Rowing Coach Educator – Vincent Tassery.

The course focused on improving coaches’ knowledge of Coastal Rowing with a specific focus on the Beach Sprint format. 

Nine coaches from six Member Federations (POL, FIN, IRL, CZE, ITA & GER) attended the practical part of the course in Gdańsk, which built upon the theoretical content covered in two online webinars held prior to the event.

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The coaches covered essential topics such as Rescue Drills and Water Safety, with a hands-on approach through tasks like designing a Float Plan and conducting a Dynamic Risk Assessment. They also delved into the technical and tactical phases of Beach Sprint discipline, completing a written technical skills task and practicing in-person on the beach.

All coaches taking turns to practice: boat handling, coaching, and rowing.
Boat handling skills practised
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Coaches practising how to steer and direct their athletes from the shore through the slalom of a Beach Sprint course.
Practicing how to set-up a Beach Sprint training course

The course provided a valuable opportunity for experienced coaches to share knowledge with newer coaches seeking to become Coastal Rowing coaches. The interactive format allowed for lively discussions and exchanges between participants from Poland, Finland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Italy, and Germany. The CRM aimed to equip coaches with the skills and expertise necessary to excel in the growing sport of Coastal Rowing.