Jordan’s Coaches Take the First Steps in Their Rowing Journey

Jordan Rowing Federation (RJMSF) took the first steps in their Rowing development journey this past week. For 7 days and in the beautiful city of Aqaba, two of World Rowing’s Expert Development Coaches, Madalena Ferreira and Mehdi Garidi, started the journey with 10 national coaches who in spite of not having any background in Rowing, took a brave decision to support their country and their federation and start learning more about the sport of Rowing aiming to promote and spread the sport in Jordan starting from Aqaba, with focus on Indoor Rowing and Coastal Rowing.

This first week of the Development of National Sports System (DNSS) project was all about educating the coaches and introducing them to the theoretical aspects related to Rowing, focusing on Beach Sprints, and establishing a Rowing programme on ergometer.

The local coaches learnt all about Rowing and coaching Rowing. The main challenge for this first visit and training was the lack of boats. However, bringing boats to Aqaba is part of the DNSS and currently the procurement and shipment of boats is underway.

But in the end, the participant coaches were able to gain a lot of knowledge about Rowing, and even found two old Rowing boats that will be repaired to be used until the new boats arrive.

The educational week closed with a discussion with RJMSF to agree on the next steps needed to ensure the success of the project and what will be tackled during the next visit planned for July 2024. RJMSF is a federation with a lot of experience in Fin Swimming and Sailing, but they are looking forward to incorporating Rowing and grow its practice in Jordan.

There is also a great support from the Jordanian National Olympic Committee, who pledged their support to growing Rowing in Jordan in a sustainable way.

The World Rowing Coaches leading the project were very happy with the visit and are very optimistic that Jordan will have a  successful future.

We will be in Jordan again very soon, to follow the progress of our newest coaches, and help with the promotion of the sport and the identification and training of Jordan’s first Rowing athletes.

We are sure that in the near future, Jordan Rowing Federation will join the global World Rowing family, actively participating in Indoor and Coastal Rowing competitions.