L1 Classic & Coastal Rowing Regional Educators Training in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil hosted a regional Level 1 classic rowing and coastal rowing (beach sprints) educators’ training from 04-13 November 2022, with Rosie Mayglothling and Guin Batten delivering the course to 12 coach educator trainees from 8 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, El Salvador, Peru, USA, and Uruguay.

With the current coach education scheme of work for classic and coastal rowing disciplines, World Rowing is aiming for delivering quality, standardised education, preparing top-class level coach educators to carry out education within the various Continents and Member Federations.

The course was one of the Technical Course for Coaches supported by Olympic Solidarity and the Brazilian National Olympic Committee aimed towards training and developing future coach educators in the Americas.

Specific modules for judges & referees, athlete safeguarding (PHAS – Prevention of harassment/bullying and abuse in sport), anti-doping and protecting clean athletes, gender equality, diversity and inclusion, and first aid & CPR training were featured as an integral part of the coach educator trainees’ training and evaluation.

All the coach educator trainees who attended the in-person course and completed the required external courses (Safeguarding and Anti-doping online modules and in person first aid course), and who are found competent will receive their Level 1 Development Coach Educator Certificates (classic and coastal rowing).