Piediluco Training Camp offers high performance training opportunity for Olympic Scholarship holders

From 26 March to 1 April Piediluco hosted a training camp targeting Olympic Scholarship holders from six rowing nations from Africa and Europe. This was an initiative supported by the Italian Rowing Federation/Federazione Italiana Canottaggio (FIC), who has been a critical ally of the development programme for many years now. 

Athletes and coaches from six nations (Bulgaria, Ivory Coast, Libya, Sudan, Togo and  Zimbabwe) joined the camp and worked alongside the World Rowing Team. World Rowing Head of Coaching Gianni Postiglione, World Rowing Continental lead Coaching Expert Fayçal Soula and WR coach expert Mykolas Masilionis. The camp was a great training opportunity for this group of athletes preparing for the Olympic Qualification opportunities in 2023 and 2024. Athletes had the opportunity to join the development training camp, as well as to compete in the famous Memorial Paolo D’Aloja Regatta, on Lake Piediluco, from March 30.

This year’s regatta was successfully organised by FIC with crews from 29 nations.