Barletta, host to successful development beach sprints programme

The Organising Committee of the 2023 Barletta World Rowing Beach Sprints welcomed the World Rowing development programme. This initiative is a key component of the solidarity mechanism established by World Rowing to support nations with funding and or technical assistance needs.

Special acknowledgement was given to  local Organising Committee President Rizzi Roberto Pio, by the supported nations and World Rowing. OC President 

Crews from Vanuatu, Egypt, Puerto Rico, Tunisia, Cape Verde, Cyprus  and Barbados benefited from Development support. Technical assistance was also provided to the UAE.

For the first time two nations from Africa achieved medal positions, showcasing the potential of the Beach Sprints discipline in less resourced countries.

This amazing competition opportunity is also a platform for smaller island nations to develop and a brings motivation for athletes to continue to train back home.