Slovenia home to High Performance Coaches’ Education

World Rowing delivered part one of the new Level 2 Classic Rowing Coaching Course, in Bled, Slovenia, from 2 to 8 June 2023. 

Coaches from seven European nations travelled to Bled to learn from knowledgeable experts in rowing and high performance coaching domains, Rosie Mayglothling, Gianni Postiglione, Mark Homer, Connie Draper and Zoltan Alfoldi. 

The WR Level 2 classic Rowing course aims at helping coaches improve their abilities to contribute to the competitive aspects of the sport of rowing and the long term development of athletes. 

This was an unique opportunity for coaches to access knowledge in key areas for high performance coaching, and develop competences in safety, biomechanics, rigging, technique, psychology, physiology, transformational coaching and mentoring, athlete safeguarding, well-being and mental health.

In recent years value has been put in judging the quality of coaching by the coach behaviours alongside the results.

Coaching Effectiveness is the consistent application of knowledge to improve athlete’s competence, confidence, connection and character in specific coaching context

Slovenia continues to be a catalyst for rowing development, a continental hub for advanced levels of coaching education to the benefit of European nations.

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