Supporting Young Athletes: World Rowing Development Programme Boosts Participation in Kruszwica

In a continued effort to promote inclusivity and growth in the sport of rowing, World Rowing and European Rowing have once again extended their support to targeted Member Federations (MFs) through the World Rowing Development Programme. This initiative is designed to provide essential resources and opportunities to federations identified as needing support, enabling their participation in world and continental level events and championships.

At the heart of this mission, the 2024 European Rowing Under 19 Championships (ERU19CH) held in Kruszwica, Poland, showcased the positive impact of these development efforts. With the support of the ERU19CH Organising Committee and World Rowing, three federations received vital assistance that allowed their athletes and coaches to compete on the prestigious international stage.

Federations Supported:

  1. Armenia: Junior Men’s Single Sculls (JM1x)
  2. Latvia: Junior Women’s Single Sculls (JW1x); Junior Men’s Double Sculls (JM2x)
  3. Moldova: Junior Men’s Single Sculls (JM1x); Junior Women’s Single Sculls (JW1x)

The comprehensive support package included accommodation, meals, and local transport, ensuring that the participants could focus entirely on their performance. Additionally, World Rowing Director of Coaching, Gianni Postiglione, provided invaluable guidance and support throughout the two days of racing. His presence and expertise facilitated the exchange of knowledge and experience, further enriching the developmental experience for the participants.

As the event concluded, it was evident that the impact of such development programmes extends far beyond the races themselves. By investing in the growth and participation of emerging rowing talents, World Rowing and European Rowing are fostering a more inclusive and competitive future for the sport.

The successful execution of this initiative would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of the town of Kruszwica, the Polish Rowing Federation, the Organising Committee, the participating Member Federations, and all service providers involved. Their collective support and dedication played a crucial role in creating a seamless and empowering environment for the competitors.

Special thanks are extended to everyone who contributed to making this event a success, and we look forward to many more milestones in the journey of rowing development. Together, we are not just building athletes; we are building a legacy.