Word Rowing Development & Sustainability team present at 2023 IF Forum

The three-day 2023 IF Forum, organised by SportsAccord held in the Olympic Museum from November 13–15, brought together hundreds of international sports leaders and business specialists to discuss a variety of subjects under the overarching theme of “Sport (R)evolution.”

The third day’s theme was sustainability. A few speakers spoke on the issue of climate change and how sprots have a big responsibility in tackling the crisis in their unique ways. 

Dr. Reto Knutti, an ETH Zurich professor of Climate Physics, emphasised that physical actions are typically needed from IFs and sports instead of excessive written promises. He emphasised how athletes serve as ambassadors for sport and how it has a global reach. 


The afternoon was dedicated to the Sports for Nature (S4N) first Annual General Meeting. The S4N framework was developed in cooperation with sports organizations and after consulting with the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). 

World Rowing became a signatory to this framework in 2022, and has therefore committed to deliver transformative nature-positive action across its sport by 2030 and beyond. Enabling sports to collectively champion nature and contribute to its protection and restoration. Acting for nature can help address climate change, one of the biggest drivers of nature loss.

The AGM provided signatories to exchange and reflect together on best practices and plans for the future. The World Rowing Development & Sustainability team was present at the AGM. 

The World Rowing Development & Sustainability team, represented by Pat Lambert and Maike Diekmann OLY, presented on the staff engagement process that took place this year in order to re-energise the Sustainability Race Plan. 

Daniela Gomes (Head of Development), Pat Lambert (World Rowing Sustainability Advisor), Maike Diekmann OLY (Development & Sustainability Intern)