15th Lake Tunis International Regatta, Para Rowing Classification Workshop and Training.

As part of its goals, World Rowing (WR) collaborates with event Organising Committees (OC) to increase the number of rowing opportunities to targeted Member Federations (MFs), especially those needing support for their crews. In addition, development support aims to provide opportunities for capacity development of coaches and technical personnel, thereby improving the widespread quality of rowing and coaching. As part of the 2023 Africa Rowing calendar of activities, the collaboration between WR, the Tunisia Rowing Federation (TRF) and Tunisian National Paralympic Committee (NPC), saw  athletes, coaches and classifiers participate  in education, training, and competition opportunities in para rowing, ahead of the 15th Tunis Lake International Regatta (TLIR).

A special project developed in cooperation with TRF and TNPC supported the participation of 10 Tunisian trainee classifiers who underwent the para rowing classification training workshop from 16th – 17th March. The workshop also included trainee classifiers from Namibia, Libya, Kenya, and Sudan.  All participants to the para rowing classification training workshop had to complete the online Introduction to Para Rowing Classification Modules prior to attending the in-person sessions. Special acknowledgement to the TNPC, the WR classification panel and experts Katherine Harman (Canada) and Frederieke Van Der Blom (Netherlands) for facilitating this training opportunity.

The Tunis Lake International Regatta, was held on March 19th, and included the following events:

  • U17 Men: 1x
  • Junior Men (JM): 1x, 2x
  • Junior Women (JW): 1x, 2x
  • Men (M): 1x, 2x.
  • Women (W): 1x, 2x.
  • Lightweight Men (LM): 1x,
  • Lightweight Women (LW): 1x, 2x.
  • Para-rowing: PR1 W1x, PR1 M1x, PR3 Mix2x

The joint project allowed African para-athletes and coaches to take part in a unique opportunity for training and competition aligned with capacity enhancement for potential para rowing classifiers. The following nations were present: Egypt, Kenya, Libya, Namibia , Sudan and Tunisia.

Three (3) Olympic Solidarity Scholarship recipients (Libya, Sudan, and Togo athletes) also took part in the events.

As a regular feature on the African Calendar, the TLIR and associated training activities provide an opportunity to elevate the theoretical and practical skill levels of attending coaches; knowledge sharing and experiential learning for Para Rowing Classifiers; and an opportunity for athlete training and competition. World Rowing acknowledges the partnership of the TRF and the TNPC in delivering this para training and competitive opportunity.

TRF Technical Director Faycal Soula expressed appreciation to “all athletes, coaches, participants, umpires, staff (safety, medical, security), volunteers, the OC and event team, the Federation Board and management, the Tunisia National Paralympic Committee and World Rowing Development Team, all of whom contributed to the successful event. Special appreciation to WR Para Rowing Commission and WR Classification panel for the first ever workshop in Africa and to the International Paralympic Committee for the sustained support to para rowing development”.