World Rowing Development Programme: Africa para rowing course

World Rowing organised a Para Rowing Coaching Course in Tunis, Tunisia from the 15th – 19th March 2022.

The training and assessments were followed by the 14th Lake Tunis International Regatta organised by the Tunisian Rowing Federation (TRF).

Inclement weather adversely affected the region for the entire week, rendering outdoor and on water activities impossible. The coaching course schedule and programme had to be changed and adapted with a new schedule designed to maximise on the resources available. This included training ergometers and the use of the hotel indoor swimming pool for capsize drill training and water confidence sessions. Theory sessions involved a pre-event session online component and on-site instruction

The course involved seventeen (17) coaches from five (5) African countries, namely Kenya, Libya, Nigeria, Sudan, and Tunisia.


The International Regatta took an indoor format due to the adverse weather condition.  Para Rowers from the five listed countries took part in the following Para Rowing Event:

PR1 W1x, PR1 M1x, PR3 Mix2x – medal events for Paris 2024 Paralympic Games


Athletes from Algeria, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia took part the following events

Men (M): 1x, 2x.      

Women (W): 1x, 2x.

Lightweight Men (LM): 1x, 2x.     

Lightweight Women (LW): 1x, 2x.



The course provided an opportunity to elevate the theoretical and practical skill levels of attending coaches, enhancing their knowledge and experience to deliver Para Rowing safely and effectively. It also provided an opportunity for coach evaluation and assessment, with recommendations made for further training and development.

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