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    2023 World Rowing Rules Update

    Disclaimer This is an introductory self-guided learning course, a continuous personal development opportunity for international umpires, covering summary changes to the Rules of Racing for 2023. Completion of this course does not qualify participants with a competency based certification. For any questions please contact a member of the World Rowing Umpiring Commission,
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    Coastal Rowing Race Module Online Introduction


    These 13 videos are the technical theory of the Coastal Race Module and part of the Level 1 Development Coach - Coastal Rowing Award. You may be asked to watch some or all of these videos before your workshops. To complete the Coastal Race Module and receive a Certificate you will need to have covered the full syllabus, which includes taking part in webinars and completing a range of written and on water practical tasks. The Coastal Race Module is aimed at experienced rowing coaches who want to build their understanding of coastal rowing with a specific focus on the beach sprint format. The Level 1 Development Coach - Coastal rowing Award is aimed at beginner coaches who are starting out on their coaching journey. If you want to learn more please email
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    Event Safeguarding Officer Training – Safeguarding Essentials

    Safeguarding in sport means the process and proactive action we take to protect sport participants from harassment or abuse through appropriate prevention and response measures. World Rowing is committed to creating and supporting an environment and a culture free from harassment and abuse. This includes safeguarding during World Rowing sanctioned events through the designation of a World Rowing event safeguarding officer. The Local Organising Committees are also responsible for appointing a safeguarding officer as a key functional role within the OC structure. This short introductory course is intended to provide key and basic information on safeguarding essentials during sport events. It is meant to help the safeguarding officers appointed for specific events to understand their roles and responsibilities and take on their roles with confidence. Making rowing safe and free from harassment and abuse is the responsibility of everyone and we hope you enjoy this short course. If you have any questions, please email
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    Introduction to Para Rowing Classification

    This is an introductory course to para rowing classification. Completion of this course does not qualify you as a para rowing classifier. The next step after completing this course is to attend an in-person national classification workshop. For more information on national classification workshops, please contact your National Federation. For other questions, please email
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    Para Rowing Modules

    Disclaimer This is an introductory self-guided learning course, for classic or coastal rowing Level 1 Development Coaches who want to start the para rowing coaching certification pathway. It is also designed to be a standalone course for experienced classic rowing coaches. Completion of this course does not qualify participants as para rowing L1 Development coaches. For any questions please email
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    WR Classic Rowing Level 1 Development Coach Award

    Level 1 development coaches are required to plan deliver and evaluate individual coaching sessions to teach or improve rowing. The basics of good practice are required. Provided coaches can perform in a safe and equitable manner, and attempt to fulfil the criteria below they can pass the award. The Learn to Row booklet, available as a free download from the World Rowing website is a good indicator of the level of knowledge required by a Level 1 coach. Safety is important above all else. This online course composed of a set of guided self-learning modules should be completed by the learner before attending the in-person course. If you have any questions, please email